Novelty Toilet Seats

Novelty Toilet Seats

Novelty Toilet SeatsNovelty toilet seats are a great way to put a personal stamp or make a personal statement in your toilet / bathroom.

When you have guests visiting, there is no doubt that part of the visit will arrive when they ask to go to the toilet, the loo, or if they are adopting the American vernacular – the bathroom.

And when they do, there is a statement being made. When you relieve yourself, you are spending time in a room.

And you want that room to be clean and hopefully somewhat interesting, rather than dirty and perhaps even creepy. You are after all spending at the very least 2 minutes in there. You want to be relaxed – you are relieving yourself!

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One of the best statements that you can immediately make to a guest visiting your bathroom is to have a novelty toilet seat in place. It will be the first thing that grabs your guest as they enter your bathroom.

And it will leave a great impression if they feel welcomed by a toilet seat that has a novel and interesting look. It is making a statement. And hopefully it will be be making an interesting, or entertaining one.

So what type of novelty toilet seats might you buy that will meet the needs of a seeker of a toilet seat of novelty? Well seats with starfish or other evidence of life in the sea by the beach will always capture people’s imagination. On this page you can see a number of great novelty toilet seats.

If you are a big football fan, regardless of whatever is happening at FIFA then you can get yourself a nice one featuring footballs.

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If you have a strong sense of national pride, why not get a Union Jack toilet seat. Every time you relieve yourself you can think yourself lucky for being in the great democracy of the red white and blue.

If you have a strong sense of humour, why not go to the crazy cow novelty toilet seat? What a great way to cheer up all of your visitors to them to enter your toilet and see a cheeky cartoon cows staring at them.

If you’re more into art decor or like to make people think, you can get the Pierrot toilet seat.

For some people the toilet reminds of being at the seaside, or they wish they were at the seaside when they are going to the toilet. So you can get toilet seats with beach hut designs on them, or seagrass, or even better seashells, sea fish or starfish.

As you can see there are many different designs, there will be one to fits your imagination or desire for something unique, interesting, or colourful.

There is no excuse for settling for a p[lan white boring toilet seat any longer. There are many fantastic, unique and exciting novelty toilet seats to choose from now with interesting and humorous styles as well as artistic design.

You can also buy novelty toilet seats with various patterns or designs featured on them. These may be realistic like waterdrops or flowers, or cartoon like – for example a picture of a crazy cow or a favorite cartoon character.

How about a crocodile’s head? That might give your guests a fright, especially if they are quick to starting lowering their underwear before they’ve entered the bathroom – “Yikes that toilet seat of yours – I thought there was a real crocodile about to bite my bits off!” If you are a football lover then maybe you would like to get a toilet seat with a football pattern design on it.

If you have never changed a toilet seat before and may be a be a bit wary about doing so, it is a rather simple process, here is a video that explains it, although it does not seem to mention that a variant of the underneath cap that holds the toilet in place is a wing nut.

Not much of a difference but I thought I would mention it as this might be what you have right now, and you certainly would not be taking a pair of pliers towards removing it!

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Whatever you want, there are a wide range of novelty toilet seats available for purchase now.